Best Cash Out Betting Apps for the Horse Racing and Other Sports In 2023

Your Guide to the UK’s Leading Online Bookmakers Who Have Created the Best Cash Out Options On Their Betting Apps, Alongside Detailed Insights on Full, Partial, and Auto Cash Out Options.

In 2023, the betting landscape continues to evolve at a brisk pace, offering punters more control and excitement than ever before. New and exciting betting features are being introduced on a regular basis. Central to this evolution is the ever-popular "cash out" feature, now a staple in the industry, which grants bettors the freedom to secure a profit or minimise a loss before an event reaches its conclusion. As the race heats up amongst betting platforms to attract the discerning bettor, a plethora of sophisticated apps have surfaced, each vying to offer the most seamless cash out experience. Our meticulously curated list heralds the best cash out betting apps of 2023, presenting platforms that not only offer superior functionality and real-time updates but also ensure a smooth, user-friendly journey from placing a bet to cashing out your winnings. Dive in, and discover the apps that are setting a new benchmark in the betting arena.

Top Three Cash Out Betting Apps In October 2023

Here are the top 3 best betting apps for cash out for 2023. We review each bookie on a regular basis and update our list accordingly. You can read our thoughts on the cash out option offered by the three betting apps below:

  1. William Hill
  2. Betfred
  3. 888sport

William Hill Cash Out

In the competitive sphere of online betting, William Hill distinguishes itself by offering customers a refined and intuitive cash-out system, praised for its flexibility and user-friendliness. Clients have the luxury to opt for either a full or partial cash-out, with the latter being a standout feature in the market, allowing a finer control over their bets. Moreover, navigating through the cash-out process is a breeze thanks to a prominently displayed cash-out button and a highly responsive slider mechanism for partial cash-outs. This seamless functionality extends across both desktop and mobile platforms, offering bettors a convenient and streamlined experience, thereby solidifying William Hill's reputation as a leader in the betting industry.

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Betfred Cash Out

Betfred stands as a beacon of excellence in the betting industry, offering a cash-out system that is widely regarded as second to none. Catering to a broad spectrum of sports enthusiasts, it covers a diverse range of events including horse racing, football, and tennis, thereby providing punters with versatile betting opportunities. Despite its extensive coverage, it's noteworthy that the calculation of cash-out values can take a tad longer compared to some of its market counterparts, a minor hiccup in an otherwise streamlined betting experience. This slight delay, however, is overshadowed by the superior betting opportunities and functionalities it extends to its users, affirming its place as a reliable and advantageous platform for both novices and seasoned bettors alike.

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888sport Cash Out

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.In the bustling world of online betting, 888sport stands as a noteworthy platform, consistently going the extra mile to enhance user experience. A testament to their commitment is their sophisticated cash-out option, providing bettors with an added layer of control and excitement. Whether you are leaning towards safeguarding your stakes or locking in an early profit, the cash-out feature at 888sport allows you to do so with ease and precision. Moreover, it facilitates timely decision-making, especially during nail-biting moments in a game or event, making the betting journey not only profitable but also thrilling. With 888sport, you can rely on a well-rounded and engaging betting experience, replete with options that put you firmly in the driver's seat.

What Is Cash Out Betting?

The "cash out" option is a modern feature offered by many betting platforms, designed to give bettors greater control over their wagers. Essentially, it allows you to settle your bet before the event you wagered on has concluded, potentially securing a profit or minimising a loss depending on the current circumstances of the event. This dynamic tool offers a thrilling edge, letting bettors react to live events and fluctuating odds. It's a strategy embraced both by cautious players looking to secure a win, and daring individuals aiming to salvage some value from a potentially losing bet. As you delve deeper into the intricacies of this option, you'll find that it can be a valuable asset in your betting toolkit, offering a flexible approach to sports betting.

Discover more about how to master the "cash out" option and integrate it into your betting strategy in our detailed blog post "What Is Cash Out Betting and How Does It Work".

Partial Cash Out?

Partial cash out is a versatile betting feature that allows you to secure a portion of your winnings while leaving the remaining stake active. Essentially, it blends the traditional betting process with the cash-out function, offering you the best of both worlds. You can take out a part of your bet at the current offered amount, mitigating potential losses or locking in some profit, while still having a stake in the game with the rest of your bet. This strategy adds a deeper layer of complexity and excitement to betting, providing opportunities to maximise gains or salvage value from a wager as the event unfolds.

Auto Cash Out?

The auto cash out feature is a convenient tool that enables bettors to automate the cash-out process based on predetermined criteria. You set a specific value, and if at any point during the event your cash-out offer reaches or exceeds this value, the system automatically settles your bet at that amount. This means you don't have to constantly monitor the event, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy the event without the pressure of making a real-time decision. It's particularly useful in securing profits or limiting losses, especially when you are unable to watch the event closely, making the betting experience more accessible and manageable.

A Cash Out Example

Imagine you've placed a £100 bet on a horse named "Lightning Stride" to win a race at odds of 10 to 1. As the race progresses, "Lightning Stride" takes a considerable lead. Seeing this, the betting platform offers you a cash-out option of £800, representing a favourable portion of your potential £1000 winnings, yet not the full amount. Sensing that the race is still very unpredictable and wanting to secure a profit, you decide to cash out your bet at £800, securing a £700 profit, irrespective of whether "Lightning Stride" eventually wins or loses the race.


The best way to follow a race an know whether it's the right time to cash out is to watch the race live, either at the track, on TV or via a live stream. Discover which betting apps have live streams. 


How Do You Cash Out?

To initiate the cash-out process, you first need to log into your betting account where you placed your wager. In most betting platforms, you'll find the 'Cash Out' option in the bet slip or under 'My Bets' section, where all your active bets are displayed. This section usually presents the real-time value of your bet, fluctuating as the event progresses. The value offered is based on the current state of play and can either be less or more than your initial stake, depending on how likely your bet is to win at that moment.

Upon locating your bet and the accompanying cash-out offer, the next step is to decide whether to take it. If you choose to cash out, simply click on the 'Cash Out' button, which will then prompt you to confirm your decision. Once confirmed, your bet will be settled at the current cash-out value, and the funds will be credited to your betting account instantly or within a short period, depending on the platform's policies. It's a simple and efficient process designed to give you greater control over your bets, allowing for dynamic decisions based on the unfolding events.

Should You Cash Out?

The decision to cash out on a bet is a highly personal one and depends on various factors including the unfolding events of the game, your betting strategy, and your risk tolerance. Here, we will delve into several aspects you might consider when contemplating this decision.

Firstly, it's vital to analyse the current dynamics of the event you are wagering on. If the tide seems to be turning against your favour, it might be a prudent choice to cash out and salvage a portion of your stake. Conversely, if your selection is performing well, you might choose to hold on a little longer to possibly secure a more substantial profit.

Secondly, consider your own betting strategy and financial goals. Are you someone who prefers to secure small, consistent gains or are you willing to ride the wave for a potentially larger payout, knowing well that the tide can turn any time? This decision often boils down to your individual risk tolerance.

Furthermore, it's beneficial to keep a tab on the emotional aspects of betting. Sometimes, the pressure and excitement can cloud judgement, leading to impulsive decisions. In such scenarios, having a clear, pre-determined strategy about cashing out can be a saving grace.

Lastly, make use of the tools and features provided by the betting platform, like the partial cash out or auto cash out, to tailor your betting experience according to your preferences and strategies.

Remember, in the dynamic world of sports betting, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether you should cash out. It remains a complex decision where assessing the situational aspects and aligning them with your betting philosophy can guide you towards making an informed choice.

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Why is Cash Out Suspended?

Cash out can be suspended due to a number of reasons such as rapid changes in the market conditions, a sudden alteration in the odds due to events unfolding in the game, or technical issues. During such times, betting platforms temporarily disable the cash out option to recalibrate the odds and ensure fair play. It's not uncommon to see the cash out option being suspended particularly during critical moments in a game or match when outcomes can swing dramatically within a short span of time.

Why is Cash Out Unavailable?

The unavailability of the cash out option can be attributed to a few different factors. It might be that the specific market or type of bet you have placed does not support the cash out feature. Additionally, if the betting platform is experiencing technical glitches or if there are delays in the transmission of live data, the option might be temporarily unavailable. Before placing a bet, it's advisable to check whether the cash out feature is offered for that particular market or event.

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What Sports Can Cash Out Be Used On?

Cash out is a versatile feature that is applicable across a wide variety of sports. However, its availability can vary between betting platforms and markets. Commonly, you'll find the cash out option available for sports like football, cricket, tennis, and horse racing, among others. It is increasingly being offered in various other sports due to its popularity among bettors. Always check the terms and conditions of the betting platform to ascertain the sports on which cash out can be utilised.

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Cash Out Markets on Horse Racing Betting Apps

  • Win Only
  • Selection to Win
  • Selection to Place
  • Betting Without
  • Cover Bet

Can You Cash Out Free Bets?

The ability to cash out free bets largely depends on the policies of the individual betting platform. While some platforms may allow cashing out of free bets, offering a certain degree of flexibility, others might impose restrictions, limiting the use of the cash out option to bets placed with actual money. It's essential to review the terms and conditions of the free bet offer carefully to understand whether the cash out feature can be applied.

The History of the Cash-Out Feature

In the dynamic world of sports betting, the introduction of the cash-out function marked a significant milestone, revolutionising the way bettors interact with their wagers. This innovative feature first saw the light of day around 2011, with Betfair leading the charge. Offering punters the unprecedented ability to close a bet before the conclusion of an event, it introduced a new layer of strategy and excitement to the betting experience. The option quickly gained traction, becoming a pivotal tool in the arsenal of both novice and seasoned bettors alike. Over the years, it has seen numerous refinements, with many bookmakers now offering variations such as partial and auto cash out, further cementing its position as a staple in modern betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cash Out On Betting Exchanges?

Yes, you can indeed cash out on betting exchanges. This feature allows you to secure a profit or minimise a loss before the event has concluded by settling your bet at the current market value. It's a popular option on exchanges as it offers more control over your bets, enabling a more strategic approach to betting, particularly in markets with fluctuating odds.

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Is the cash-out option available for all types of bets?

No, availability depends on the bookmaker and specific market.


Are there any fees associated with using the cash-out option?

Typically, there aren't explicit fees, but the bookmaker might incorporate a margin.


How is the cash-out value calculated?

It's based on current odds, potential bet outcome, and the original stake.


Can I use the cash-out option on accumulators and multi-bets?

Yes, many bookmakers allow cash out on accumulators and multi-bets.


What factors influence the availability of the cash-out option?

Factors include market volatility, type of bet, and platform policies.


Is the cash-out option available both pre-match and in-play?

Generally, yes, but this can vary across betting platforms.


Can I partially cash out my bet?

Some platforms allow partial cash-outs, letting you retain a stake portion.


Does using the cash-out feature affect my wagering requirements or bonuses?

It can, depending on the specific terms of the betting platform.


Can I set a cash-out automatically for when it reaches a certain value?

Yes, some platforms offer an auto cash-out feature that allows you to set a desired value for automatic cash-out.


Is there a time limit within which I have to use the cash-out option?

Generally, no fixed time limit, but availability can vary and may not be offered late in an event.


What happens if the cash-out option is unavailable or fails?

If it fails or is unavailable, you won't be able to cash out and must wait for the bet to settle naturally.


Can I reverse a cash-out once it's been processed?

Typically, once a cash-out has been processed, it cannot be reversed.


How quickly are funds available in my account after using the cash-out option?

Funds are usually available instantly or within a few hours, depending on the platform.


Are the cash-out odds different from the initial betting odds?

Yes, cash-out odds are dynamically calculated and can vary from the initial betting odds.


Can I use the cash-out option on mobile devices?

Yes, the cash-out option is generally available across all platforms including mobile devices.


Are there any strategies for using the cash-out feature effectively?

Yes, strategies include monitoring game developments closely and having a clear plan regarding potential cash-out scenarios.


Does the bookmaker take a larger margin if I cash out early?

Yes, bookmakers might incorporate a larger margin for early cash-outs compared to the potential full bet settlement.


Is it possible to cash out a free bet or bets placed with bonus funds?

This varies between platforms; some allow cashing out of free bets or bets made with bonus funds, while others do not.


How can I find out if the cash-out option is available for a particular bet?

The betting slip or bet's details on the platform usually indicate whether the cash-out option is available.


What happens to a cashed-out bet if the event is postponed or cancelled?

A cashed-out bet is generally considered settled at the cashed-out value, regardless of subsequent event cancellations or postponements.


Can I cash out a bet placed in a physical betting shop?

It depends on the bookmaker; some offer this feature in physical betting shops, but it's less common compared to online platforms.


Why might the cash-out value fluctuate during a match?

The cash-out value can fluctuate due to changes in game circumstances, like scores, red cards, or injuries.


Are there any restrictions on using the cash-out feature from certain jurisdictions?

Yes, restrictions might apply in certain jurisdictions due to regulatory or licensing requirements.


Is the cash-out option available on system bets or Yankee bets?

Availability on the system or Yankee bets can vary between platforms; it's best to check the specific terms and conditions.


What impact does a player withdrawal or injury have on the cash-out option during in-play betting?

Player withdrawals or injuries can significantly influence the cash-out value, potentially leading to suspensions or adjustments of the option during in-play betting.


How do I use the cash-out option if I’m betting in a currency different from the one I deposited in?

The cash-out value will be calculated based on the current exchange rate and might fluctuate due to currency exchange rate variations.


Is there any customer support specifically for issues with the cash-out feature?

Most platforms offer customer support for issues with the cash-out feature, either through a help centre or direct customer service channels.


Can I combine the cash-out feature with other betting features like 'Edit My Bet' or 'Bet Builder'?

This depends on the bookmaker; some platforms allow combining the cash-out feature with other betting options, while others might restrict such combinations.

Bookmaker Apps

  1. talkSPORT BET
  2. Karamba Sports
  3. SBK
  4. 888sport
  5. William Hill
  6. Ladbrokes
  7. Paddy Power
  8. Betway
  9. BetVictor
  10. Betfair Exchange
  11. Mansion Bet
  12. STS
  13. 32Red
  14. Unibet
  15. Coral
  16. BoyleSports


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