Bookies Paying Extra Places On The 2024 Grand National

August 29, 2023

The Grand National, one of horse racing's most prestigious events, draws bettors and fans alike from all corners of the globe. The thrill of watching a field of top-quality horses challenge the Aintree course is unparalleled. For bettors, this event offers an added incentive: extra places provided by select bookies. Let's dive into which bookmakers are offering these coveted extra places in 2024 and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Bookies Paying Extra Places On The Grand National

In 2023, Betway and Betfred took the lead by offering payouts on seven and eight Grand National places, respectively. Most bookmakers are yet to announce if they will pay more than the industry standard (four places) in the 2024 race.

Currently, these bookies are paying more than 4 places.

  • Betfred: Payout up to 5th place at 1/5 odds
  • William Hill: Payout up to 5th place at 1/5 odds
  • Unibet: Payout up to 5th place at 1/5 odds

Check back nearer the time to see if any bookies are paying 6, 7 or even 8 places.

Grand National Each Way Places Offers 2024

Below, we provide the terms currently being offered by the top Grand National betting apps and bookies for the 2024 Grand National.

  • Betfred: Payout up to 5th place at 1/5 odds
  • William Hill: Payout up to 5th place at 1/5 odds
  • Unibet: Payout up to 5th place
  • 888sport: Payout up to 4th place
  • Tote: Only for the winner
  • BetUK: Payout up to 4th place
  • BetVictor: Payout up to 4th place
  • Parimatch: Payout up to 4th place
  • Betfair: Payout up to 4th place
  • Boylesports: Payout up to 4th place
  • Paddy Power: Payout up to 4th place
  • 10bet: Payout up to 4th place
  • QuinnBet: Payout up to 4th place
  • Betway: Payout up to 4th place
  • Ladbrokes: Payout up to 4th place
  • Coral: Payout up to 4th place
  • Spreadex: Payout up to 4th place
  • Matchbook: Only for the winner

Ensure you're up-to-date with the betting site's terms before placing any bets.

How Many Places Do Bookmakers Pay On The Grand National

According to industry regulations, bookmakers are typically required to payout only for the top four places in the Grand National. However, given the wide selection of 40 participants, many bookies tend to extend their payouts beyond this limit.

The Importance of Extra Places in Big Field Races

With a race as competitive as the Grand National, predicting the outright winner can be a daunting task. This is where extra places come in handy. By opting for bookies offering more places, bettors increase their chances of getting a return, especially in each-way bets. However, it's essential to note that while you enhance your winning chances, the odds might be slightly reduced.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bookie for Extra Places

  • Odds Value: Extra places may come with slightly reduced odds. Always weigh the odds against the potential returns.
  • Terms and Conditions: Be diligent. Some offers might have hidden requirements or conditions.
  • Reputation and Trustworthiness: Always opt for licensed and well-reviewed bookmakers.

Horses Listed By Bookies For The 2024 Race

  • Corach Rambler: A seasoned racer, Corach Rambler has shown remarkable consistency across multiple races, often landing in the top positions.
  • I Am Maximus: Priced at 25/1, this newcomer to the Grand National has stirred interest with its raw speed and three consecutive victories in preparatory races.
  • Fastorslow: Known for its surprising bursts of speed in the final stretches, Fastorslow is always one to watch when the finish line approaches.
  • Gaillard Du Mesnil: Priced at 20/1, Gaillard Du Mesnil is a horse with great pace, having narrowly missed top positions in previous races.
  • Kitty's Light: At odds of 20/1, and making its Grand National debut this year, Kitty's Light has shown promise with its impressive wins in shorter steeplechases.
  • Vanillier: Listed at 25/1, Vanillier, known for its strong finishes, has previously surprised many by securing a top position in a major race.
  • Monbeg Genius: Often underestimated, Monbeg Genius has a knack for proving doubters wrong with its impressive stamina.
  • Noble Yeats: With odds of 25/1, Noble Yeats is eyeing a top position this year, especially after its two remarkable wins this season.
  • Kinondo Kwetu: A wild card in the race, Kinondo Kwetu's unpredictable racing style keeps audiences and competitors on their toes.
  • Feronily: Renowned for its impeccable training regime, Feronily enters the race with a lot of expectations.
  • Galvin: With a rich history of participating in high-stake races, Galvin's experience might just be its winning factor.
  • Delta Work: Known for its endurance, Delta Work has consistently performed well in longer races, making it a favorite for many.
  • Longhouse Poet: A horse with a rhythmic stride, Longhouse Poet has previously charmed audiences with its graceful runs.
  • Gevrey: A dark horse in the truest sense, Gevrey has the potential to surprise everyone with an outstanding performance.
  • Gentlemansgame: With a name reflecting its graceful style, Gentlemansgame has consistently been a crowd-pleaser.
  • Mr. Incredible: Aptly named, Mr. Incredible has shown moments of sheer brilliance on the track, making it a horse to watch.
  • GA Law: Known for its disciplined runs, GA Law has a history of sticking to the strategy and delivering results.
  • Your Own Story: Always an audience favourite, Your Own Story has a tale of perseverance and determination behind its races.
  • Mister Coffey: A veteran with vast experience, Mister Coffey has participated in multiple Grand Nationals, becoming a name many recognize.
  • City Chief: A newcomer with a lot to prove, City Chief has shown promise in regional races.
  • Undersupervision: As the name suggests, Undersupervision has a rebellious racing style, often taking risks that either pay off big or not at all.
  • Famous Bridge: A horse with a legacy, Famous Bridge comes from a lineage of racers known for their speed.
  • Manothepeople: A true racer for the masses, Manothepeople has a vast fan base cheering it on every race.
  • Dusart: With a mix of speed and stamina, Dusart has the potential to dominate both short and long races.
  • Flash Collonges: A name that resonates with speed, Flash Collonges has often left audiences and competitors in awe.
  • Malina Girl: One of the few female racers, Malina Girl has broken several records in her racing career.
  • Threeunderthrufive: An underdog with a lot to prove, Threeunderthrufive might just surprise everyone this year.
  • Empire Steel: With a legacy to uphold, Empire Steel enters the race with a mix of determination and hope.
  • Flower Of Scotland: Representing its homeland, Flower Of Scotland races with pride, hoping to secure a top position.

Grand National Betting Tips

  • Research: Dive into horse and jockey performance, recent form, and past results.
  • Course Form: The Aintree course is unique. Consider how horses have performed here in previous races.
  • Handicap System: Understanding the handicapping can give insights into potential outcomes.


The Grand National 2024 is shaping up to be a fantastic race, and with extra places on offer, there's even more reason for bettors to get involved. As always, while the extra places offer an exciting dimension to your bets, remember to gamble responsibly.

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Bookmaker Apps

  1. talkSPORT BET
  2. Karamba Sports
  3. SBK
  4. 888sport
  5. William Hill
  6. Ladbrokes
  7. Paddy Power
  8. Betway
  9. BetVictor
  10. Betfair Exchange
  11. Mansion Bet
  12. STS
  13. 32Red
  14. Unibet
  15. Coral
  16. BoyleSports


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