Tote Style Betting: Where Can you Place Tote Bets?

Tote betting allows you a nice change from the traditional style of fixed-odds betting that bookmakers offer. Here's a list of places you can place your Tote Style Bets.


The Tote is owned by racehorse owners and breeders from around the world. It has an exclusive partnership with British racecourses to provide pool betting services to everyone who attends race meetings in Great Britain every year.

You can create an online account with Tote and place Tote style bets with them at the track, online or via the Tote app.

There are a range of promotions available including new customers offers, weekly free bets and more.

There are a range of Tote bets you can place.

betfred tote


Betfred, who used to own the Tote until 2019 still have a partnership with the UK Tote. Betfred's customers can place Tote bets on races offered by the Tote. 

We recommend Betfred if you want to place Tote styles bets on UK races without having to open an account at the Tote.

Betfred are a great UK bookmaker and have a range of superb offers and promotions available for it's customers.

Where Can You Place Tote Style Bets in the UK?

In the UK there are a couple of places you can place Tote Style bets.  The UK Tote and some bookmakers. 

The only licensed Tote operator in the UK is 'The Tote'. Other Totes operate in other countries such as France, Australia and Ireland.

A number of UK bookmakers have partnered with the licensed Tote operators in various countries. Each bookmaker operates slightly different so the Totes that you can access through them varies. 

For example

  • Betfair customers can place Tote bets on racing in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia.
  • bet365 lets customer place Tote bets on racing in Australia.
  • Betfred is partnered with the UK Tote. 

We have listed the best places to place Tote Style Bets in the section above.


What is a Tote Bet?

A Tote Style of betting is what is known as pool betting. It's a bit like a sweep stake, everyone’s bets are collected together in one big pool and then shared out. 

When you place a tote bet, if your selection wins you get a share of  all the money that was bet on the race.

"Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people." 
W. C. Fields
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