Why Are There No Betting Apps on Android?

May 1, 2022
Paul G

Have you heard that there are no betting apps on android, you're not alone, many people have heard this.

If you're looking to install a betting app on android you may be wondering why there are none available on Android.

The good news is that betting apps are available and have always been available on Android.

But in some countries, they're not allowed in the Google Play App Store.

The aim of this post is to explain the myth that there are no betting apps on android and why they're not allowed in the Google Play store in some countries.

Why Some People Think That There Are No Betting Apps on Android

The myth that there are no betting apps on android originated over a decade ago. When betting apps became a thing, those who wanted to bet on android had to download that app from the bookmaker's website.

The app had to be downloaded in the form of an APK, a special file containing the app. You had to adjust the settings on the android device in order to download and install the app.

This was still the case in at least 15 countries around the world until March 1st this year.

Why was this

The app store for Android devices, Google Play didn't allow betting apps in its store. Google's policies just didn't allow real money gambling apps.

However, the brilliant news is that those days are long gone and android betting apps are now available in the Google Play Store.

bettors no longer have to faff around with APK files, they can just download straight from the bookie's website or Google Play.

How To Download a Betting App onto Android Devices

It's simple to install a betting app onto your android phone or tablet. It only takes a few seconds.

You can find detailed instructions on how to do it on another post on our site, what betting apps are on android.


In Recap

Betting apps have always been allowed on android devices, but they didn't use to be available to download from Google Play.

The great news is that Google changed its ways and betting apps are now available in the Google Play store and available on Android.


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