Will Bookmakers be Open for Cheltenham Festival?

February 8, 2022
Paul G

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the racing calendar. Each day of the 4-day festival features a centrepiece race, a highlight of the day. As the meeting attracts more than £6 million in bets (1) we can't imagine any bookmakers want to miss out on some of that betting action - can you?

So, in answer to the question - "Will bookmakers be open for the Cheltenham Festival?"

Yes. They will. 

But are you asking, will the high street stores be open or are you asking when do the betting markets open? 

Two very different questions that we aim to answer in this post. 

Will Bookies Be open For the Cheltenham Festival

Will Bookmakers be Open for the Cheltenham Festival?

You can expect bookmakers to open their doors in the days running up to the festival and each day of the event. 

Most bookmakers are open 8.30/9am to 9pm. 

If you happen to find that your local bookmaker's shop isn't open have you considered betting online or via a betting app? It really is one of the most convenient ways to place a bet these days. They're really handy because the horse racing betting app and online websites never close. You can place your bet whenever you like. 

If you're actually asking when the Cheltenham Festival Betting Markets open, then that's another question completely isn't it? We answer that question below. 

When Do The Cheltenham Festival Markets Open?

It's hard for bookies to create markets for the Cheltenham Festival too far in advance of the festival kicking off. They can't create odds for races when they have no idea which horses are entering the race.

But when it comes to the 4 feature races, they tend to create markets that include horses that entered in the previous year's races. It's normal for them to include horses that won or were expected to win the previous years races or those that were just pipped at the post. 


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